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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Information

  • Title: “Smoke Signal”
  • Release Date: July 22, 2018
  • Duration: 23:40
  • Season: Season 3
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Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Spoilers

We all have been waiting for the Attack on Titan season 3 for almost one years since the finale of the season 2. Now Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1 is not more than a week away, all of us cannot resist but think about what is going to happen in the Attack on Titan season 3. The season 3 is going to make the life of Eren even more troublesome. Now he has the power ‘Coordinate’ which makes him an important Titan Shifter. He is more likely to be attacked from the enemy Titan Shifters from the outside of the Wall. The season 3 is going to take the heroes of Military Corps to the Eren hometown and find what is in the basement of his house. Other than that, the events of the Attack on Titan will lead to the “The Great Titan War” arc which is the greatest story arc of the manga.

For a little recap, in the season 2 of Attack on Titan the 104th battalion Survey Corps was sent to inspect a breach at the Wall Rose. It was later revealed that there was no breach but the Titans who stormed nearby villages were the citizen who transformed. The Battalion takes shelter at Castle Utgard where they are attacked by the Titans. To save Christa, Ymir reveals herself to be the Dancing Titan and attacks the other Titans. The battalion is saved by the arrival of Military corps including Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and others. Later, Reiner and Bertholdt reveal themselves as Armoured Titan and Colossal Titan and asks Eren to join them and kidnap injured Ymir. After a long fight, Reiner and Bertholdt were able to take Eren and Ymir with them while the Military Corps followed them. During the rescue operation, it is revealed that Eren has the Titan power ‘Coordinate’ which allows him to control the other Titans around him. During the series, it is also revealed that the Beast Titan is responsible for the Titan invasion and maybe is the real enemy of humanity.

In the Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1, there are a lot of things going to happen. According to rumors, Eren is going to be the center of the attention of all of the Titan Shifters as he has now ‘Coordinate’. They will either try to persuade him to take their side like Reiner and Bertholdt tried to do or they will try to eliminate him. Eren can now use Coordinate to change the course of the war between Titans and humans. One of the other bigger problems for the future of mankind is Beast Titan. Season 3 will give us a tour around the personality and the real objectives of Beast Titan.

Attack on Titan season 3 is going to be one of the most hyped anime releases this year. One of the most central characters of the season 3 is going to be Historia. We still do not know much about her past and more than that, her future is uncertain as Ymir is now gone. Historia and her background can clear a lot of mysteries related to Titans and how the walls were made. The fans are hoping to get more knowledge about the Titans. Historia may be the key to the answers to the questions such as, why and how were the Titans used to make the walls which are protecting the mankind. Pastor left a lot of clues which narrowed the answers towards Historia in the Season 2.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Release Date

Attack on Titan Season 3 is going to give us all the answers we are waiting for in the series. Stay tuned and watch the first episode of Attack on Titan season 3 Episode 1 on 22nd July here in HD quality with English subs, do bookmark us.

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