Watch Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 English Subbed & Dubbed

Watch “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10” “Children” Shingeki no Kyojin English Subbed and you can also download “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10” in High Quality for free.

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 Information

  • Title: “Children”
  • Release Date: June 3, 2017
  • Duration: 23:40
  • Season: Season 2
  • English Dubbed Release Date: July 8, 2017
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Summary of “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10”

Moblit arrives at the Ragako, watches the immobilized Titan and recognizes her as Connie’s mother from a portrait of Connie’s parents at their home. Ymir asks Reiner and Bertholdt to take Christa with them while the Eren remains restrained at the Forest of the Giant Trees. In a flashback, Ymir was worshipped by a cult as a child under supposed royalty. The cult was later apprehended and punished by soldiers, during which Ymir was injected with something and was thrown off the wall, resulting in her transformation into the Dancing Titan. She has spent more than sixty years as the Titan.

Ymir realized that her freedom of accepting her true identity was the reason she developed such empathy with Christa. Ymir convinces Reiner and Bertholdt to allow her to transform into the Titan form and take Christa with them. As the Scouts enter the forest, Ymir finds and swallows Christa and rejoins Reiner and Bertholdt. Reiner transforms into Armoured Titan while, Eren, Ymir, and Bertholdt climb upon his back. They flee at the edge of the first with the Scouts in hot pursuit. Thanks for Watching Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10 with us, you can watch other episodes as well.

Season 3 Episode Will Premiere In

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