Watch Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23 English Subbed & Dubbed

Watch “Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23” “Smile: Assault on Stohess, Part 1” Shingeki no Kyojin English Subbed and you can also download “Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23” in High Quality for free.

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23 Information

  • Title: “Smile: Assault on Stohess, Part 1”
  • Release Date: September 15, 2013
  • Duration: 23:40
  • Season: Season 1
  • English Dubbed Release Date: October 18, 2014
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Summary of “Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23”

Annie wakes from a dream where she was being trained by her father. The Scout Regiment arrive in the Stohess District where the Military Police Regiment is ordered to escort them once they enter the capital. Annie’s colleagues, Hitch and Mario have joined the Military Police Regiment for the opposite reasons. Hitch joined for the current corrupt state of the Police and Mario joined for its possible reformation. As the convoy enters the Stohess District, Armin secretly calls Annie in the alleyways.

Armin begs Annie for her help to let Eren escape from the capital. He tells her that the one riding the convoy is Jean in disguise. She declines at first but accepts to help when Armin accepts that she is a good person. Armin leads Mikasa, Eren, and Annie to an underground tunnel which is supposed to be the escape route for Eren. Annie declines to enter the tunnel upon which Armin reveals his suspicion that Annie is the Female Titan and that she used Marco’s omnidirectional mobility gear to kill Sawney and Beane. After Eren and Armin ask her to prove them wrong by following them inside the tunnel, Annie transforms herself into the Female Titan by spooking herself with the spike in her ring. Thanks for Watching Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 23 with us, you can watch other episodes as well.

Season 3 Episode Will Premiere In

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