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Several hundred years ago, humanity was on the verge of extinction. Back then the Earth was the home of Giants typically several stories tall, who loved to kill humans for their pleasure and weren't intelligent. However, a small percentage of the human population survived by creating extremely high walls that protected them from even biggest of giants. The city hasn't seen a giant in over 100 years and the life was getting back to normal. The plot of the series revolves around a teenage boy Eren. Even and his foster sister Mikasa witnessed the breakdown of the wall by a supergiant who appeared from nowhere. As the wall was destroyed the city was flooded by small giants. It was really horrific for the two kids as their mother was eaten alive. Even vows to take revenge of the death of his mother and all the people who died by killing every single giant.

Only a few days are left in the release of Attack On Titan Season 3 where the story will continue. It is reported that the Shingeki No Kyojin Season 3 will have 24 episodes. Unlike the second season which had only 12 episodes, it was a real disappointment for the audience. Watch all the AOT Season 3 Episode here as we will upload all the episodes first.

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